About us.

Established in 1964, Impact Pest Control is a name built on excellence that continues to grow within the pest control service industry.

Located in the southern Suburbs of Sydney, Impact Pest Control provides its services within a 60km radius, reaching Eastern, Western and Southern suburbs

Our purpose as a business isn’t just to eradicate termites and pests and tick off job numbers. Our broader vision is to provide our clients with long-term maintenance programs and solutions, allowing them to enjoy quality of life in their homes or businesses. This is why we offer our clients the assurance of a 12-month inspection cover for all our treatments, so we can ensure that our pest and termite treatments are working effectively.

There are many that require professional pest control services and maintenance solutions. Our clientele and sites that we provide our pest control services consist of:

  • Homeowners – houses and apartments
  • Builders or those building extensions who require pre-construction treatments or physical barriers
  • Property Managers – those who require a reliable contact to oversee pest control services for whole apartment blocks.
  • Hospitality venue managers – cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs etc.
  • Tourist accommodation – hotels, hostels, serviced apartments
  • Healthcare – hospitals, clinics, aged care, rehabilitation facilities
  • Warehouse or storage facilities
  • Retail outlets
  • Industrial sites
  • Educational institutions
  • Commercial office spaces